Elevate your beverage offerings with our premium

Itaberco Hot Cocoa blend. Meticulously crafted

using the highest-quality cocoa, our mix delivers

a luxurious and comforting experience.

Perfect for upgrading your hospitality or

foodservice offerings, our mix’s rich and creamy

flavor profile will enhance your customer

and clients’ experience with each sip.

Our commitment to quality and innovation has led us to craft a hot cocoa
blend that stands out from the rest. Why choose our hot cocoa, you ask?

Here are a few reasons that set it apart:

Unmatched Flavor
We’ve carefully selected premium cocoa to create a rich, indulgent
hot cocoa drinking experience. Each sip is a journey of velvety
chocolate goodness.

Versatile and Convenient
Our hot cocoa is designed for your convenience. Recipes are available for
single serving sizes, perfect for a café setting, as well as for large batches,
ideal for hight volume service scenarios.

Clean Ingredients
We understand the importance of well-being. Our hot cocoa is made
with clean and natural ingredients, so that your customers can sip
hot cocoa without sweating what’s inside.


For a limited time, with your first order,
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Offer expires: 12/31/2023


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