We make ingredients for a sweet life.


Itaberco’s mission is to create meaningful relationships
in the food industry while providing dessert ingredient solutions.



Itaberco seeds innovation by investing in research and development.

We’re proud of our workplace culture, which unites professionals
who share a common passion for food and finding solutions.

Our R+D lab tests new ideas and products daily for our clients.

Customer Service

Our clients are the most valuable part of the Itaberco family.
To nurture those relationships, we treat each individual client
with unique attention to their specific needs.

Our priority is our clients’ success, which requires our commitment
to providing the highest level of customer service.


Our reputation is first measured by the quality of our products.
We are dedicated to building trust by offering products
and services that aim to surpass our clients’ expectations.

Food Safety

Our facilities are evaluated based on the highest levels of food safety
standards, and tested through third-party inspections.

We’re dedicated to ensuring controls are in place to guarantee
that our products are both high-quality and safe.

We are proud to be Level 2 SQF Certified


As an American company, we are proud to manufacture all
of our product lines in the United States.
We strive to improve the livelihood of our community
through job creation and opportunity.

A Sweet History

“As a child I remember sitting patiently by the windowsill waiting for the first snowfall. My heart raced
as I watched the snowflakes begin to take shape against the sky. My parents explained to me that the first few layers
were considered ‘grey snow’, as they captured the impurities and pollution of our atmosphere.
My eyes grew with anticipation as the layers of snowfall grew. At last, the pure snow began to fall.
I raced outside and slowly scooped a handful of the fresh powder that had formed and delicately placed it in my bowl,
carefully crafting a small snowball. By adding some of my mother’s homemade apricot jam, my masterpiece was complete.
I took a heaping spoonful and my mouth was filled with the sensational flavor that I had been waiting for all year.
This cold, sweet treat is where our passion for frozen desserts began and continues to influence our passion
for bringing others’ dessert ideas to life.” – Boris Thomas G.