Cheesecake Flavor Compound

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Use at a ratio of 3%-5% in cold process recipes, and 5%-8% in baking recipes. For use in frozen desserts, beverages, and pastry items such as cookies, cakes, buttercreams, mousses, pastry creams, and cake soaks.

Product Details:
  • Naturally Flavored
  • Naturally Colored
  • Kosher
  • Shelf-Stable (even after opening)
  • No Artificial Ingredients
  • Made in USA
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1kg jar, 5kg pail, or 20kg pail


Cheesecake Flavor Compound

Revitalize your desserts with Itaberco’s Cheesecake Flavor Compound. It delivers the creamy, rich taste of classic cheesecake and a visually appealing creamy hue. Perfect for enhancing mousses, tarts, cakes,  and ice creams, it rapidly becomes essential in innovative dessert preparation.

Additionally, this flavor compound is remarkably easy to work with. It blends seamlessly into various recipes, becoming a favorite among pastry chefs and cheesecake aficionados. It also opens up a world of creative and enticing dessert possibilities.

Imagine creating luxurious cheesecake-flavored mousses. Their smooth, rich flavors and inviting appearance are sure to impress. Or, try whipping up a cheesecake-flavored milkshake. You might also serve a scoop of cheesecake ice cream. Its indulgent flavor and appealing look make any dessert a special treat.

Flavor Compounds

Explore the variety of Itaberco’s Flavor Compounds. This collection is designed to inspire creativity in sweets, baked goods, frozen delights, and beverages.

At Itaberco, we prioritize quality in our Flavor Compounds. We are dedicated to innovation in product development and creativity. Our goal is to provide top-quality products with exceptional value.

We use only fresh, high-quality ingredients in all Itaberco Flavor Compounds. This ensures genuine, unique flavors in every dessert. Our products remain shelf-stable, simplifying storage needs.


Incorporate our Cheesecake Flavor Compound at 3-5% of the total volume by weight. It’s ideal for flavoring mousses, frostings, milkshakes, ice cream, and more.

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1 Year (Under Recommended Storage Conditions)

Country of Origin

United States


Please be aware that this product is manufactured in a facility that also processes milk, eggs, soy, wheat, peanuts and other nuts.