New Floral and Herbal Flavor Compounds

A Taste of Nature

Savory desserts and beverages are making their way onto menus across the world. Pastry chefs have often relied on complex methods to infuse or incorporate fresh herbs into their recipes, and while this can create beautiful flavors, the intricacy and time involved in steeping bundles of herbs in milk or cream overnight is not always ideal. How much should be used? And for how long? Itaberco has formulated a new and innovative solution for chefs seeking to unlock the aromas of herbs and flowers with our Herbal and Floral Flavor Compounds. Available for a limited time, Itaberco’s Rosemary, Basil, and Hibiscus Flavor Compounds impart the alluring notes of these delicate flowers and herbs. These Flavor Compounds are incredibly versatile—for use in frozen desserts, custards, mousses, and baked items. Below, you will find tasting notes and a link for your free sample. Try these while they are available during

Key Features & Benifits