Think Natural

When you hear the word “natural,” you might think of fresh produce before  gelato or soft serve, but the demand for natural solutions has spread throughout the food industry. Based on research performed by the market intelligence agency, Mintel, consumer demands for natural and “less processed” food is gaining wider traction in the United States. Moreover, the demand for sustainable practices and “getting back to the basics” are both emerging trends that go hand in hand with the demand for natural products. Consumers are seeking food with recognizable ingredients from reliable sources. We’re responding by removing artificial ingredients, aiming for clean labels, being conscientious about where we source our ingredients, and choosing GMO-free and organic options whenever possible.

What Does Natural Look Like?

Although the FDA doesn’t define the term “natural”, consumers tend to perceive natural as meaning Clean Label products, which are less processed and avoid ingredients such as hydrogenated fats, corn syrup, artificial colors and artificial flavors. (The FDA addressed the use of the term “natural” by opening the discussion to the public. To learn more, view the submitted comments.)

Natural Dessert Solutions are Our Mission

At Itaberco, we’ve made it our mission to find natural solutions for the dessert industry. Passionate about leading innovation, we have dedicated ourselves to this fast-growing market, working to develop products that are clean label with natural flavors and no artificial colors. Developing natural products isn’t as simple as swapping out artificial ingredients for natural ones, however. The transition comes with some realities. For example, some natural ingredients are less stable, resulting in a shorter shelf-life. Eliminating artificial colors can also result in a more subdued color palette, since it’s derived from nature. Although this may challenge current expectations, Itaberco is working to find innovative solutions to meet consumer demands.

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