Chocolate Raspberry Entremet


Pastry & Bakery 

Itaberco’s Pronto Mousse, Classic layers and molds with a consistent shape, flavor, and texture–even when frozen and thawed. Create this unique, indulgent heart-shaped entremet that will surely wow your customers.

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Pastry & Bakery




One 12" Heart


1Scale or Measuring Cups
1Small Offset Spatula
1Plastic Spatula
1Piping Bag
1Pair of Scissors
1Large Sheet Pan
1Large Glazing Rack
112" Heart Cake Frame
1Pastry Brush
1Large Flat Icing Spatula
1Electric Stand Mixer with Bowl and Whip Attachments
Itaberco Pronto Mouse (PS-420)150g5.25oz3/4 cup
Milk, Whole150g5.25oz3/4 cup
Heavy Cream1500g3lbs, 5.25oz6 3/4 cups
Itaberco Raspberry Compound (CP-537)90g3oz1/3 cup
Itaberco Chocolate Ganache (GAN-4345)170g6oz3/4 cup
Itaberco Raspberry Glaze (GLZ-537)454g1lb2 cups
Chocolate Spounge Cake, Thin Full Sheet1
Fresh Raspberries2 cups
Simple Syrup1 cups

The Mousse


Weigh the Itaberco Pronto Mousse (PS-420), the whole milk, and the Itaberco Raspberry Compound (CP-537) in the mixing bowl, and whisk together well.


Add the heavy cream to the mixing bowl.


Whip on low speed for about one minute, until ingredients are incorporated.


Whip on medium speed until stiff peaks form and mousse is airy, about 5 minutes. Keep Chilled.

The Cake


Use your heart cake frame to cut two layers of chocolate cake out of the sheet.


Lay one layer of cake in the bottom of the frame, and use a pastry brush to apply half of the simple syrup to the cake layer.


Spread the Itaberco Chocolate Ganache (GAN-4345) evenly over the cake layer using a small offset spatula.


Arrange a full layer of fresh raspberries.


Using the small offset spatula, spread half of the Itaberco Raspberry Mousse over the raspberries, gently pressing it between the fruit to fill in the gaps


Apply the second layer of chocolate cake, and press into the frame lightly. Using the pastry brush, apply the remaining simple syrup evenly on the cake layer.


Spread the remaining mousse up to the top of the frame. Using a large flat decorating spatula, level off the top of the cake frame with the mousse.


Freeze for at least 2 hours.


To unmold the cake, gently apply heat to the frame using a torch. Slide the frame off of the cake, and place back in the freezer for a few minutes


Place the entremet on a glazing rack. Pour the Itaberco Raspberry Glaze (GLZ-537) evenly over the entremets to enrobe. Use the large flat spatula to even out the top if needed.


Transfer the entremets to the serving board or dish, and garnish as desired. Allow the cake to come back to temperature in the refrigerator for at least two hours prior to serving.

buon appetito!