Mediterranean Flavors

While America is no stranger to Mediterranean food, savory flavors such as cucumber, garlic, saffron, olive oil and rose are appearing on dessert menus across the country.

“To eat figs off the tree in the very early morning, when they have been barely touched by the sun, is one of the exquisite pleasures of the Mediterranean.”

–Elizabeth David

At Itaberco, Mediterranean flavors are near and dear to our hearts. Take a look at some of our Mediterranean-inspired recipes below:

Did You Know?

A total of 21 countries border the Mediterranean Sea! From Algeria to Greece to Italy to Turkey, these are just a few of the 21 countries that share a coastline with the Mediterranean. This vast collection of cultures and lifestyles is what makes Mediterranean food rich and diverse with its use of herbs and spices, and what ultimately keeps us coming back for more! We dedicate this newsletter to these exquisite flavors and hope our recipes inspire you to appreciate this magnificent region of food and culture.

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