Discover Matcha

A finely-ground green tea powder originating in Japan, matcha has a delicately sweet yet earthy flavor profile. With its distinct taste and vibrant green hue, matcha makes for a perfect seasonal menu item. Use Itaberco’s matcha flavors in Soft Serve, Gelato, Specialty Drinks, Pastry & Bakery, and more!

Check out the recipes below where matcha takes center stage:

Tip: Handle Matcha with Care

Matcha is a delicate product that requires proper handling. To fully experience Matcha, its important to prepare and store it with care. For the highest quality taste, color, and flavor, follow the tips below:

  • Store Matcha Away from Heat
  • Keep it Away from Moisture and Odors
  • Shield it from Light
  • Store it in an Airtight Container
  • Once Opened, Use Within a Few Months

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