Demand for Cold Brew Continues

Most of us need that delicious cup of coffee (or two) everyday, and while our love for our go-to mood booster shows no signs of waning, there is a new reason all of us are lining up at the coffee shop: cold brew.

Unlike its iced coffee counterpart, cold brew is not processed with any heat; instead, ground coffee beans are steeped in cold water for several hours, and the result is a much smoother, rounder taste that allows some of coffee’s more subtle notes to shine through. It’s incredibly simple and refreshing.

Cold Brew Coffee Tips & Tricks

Preparing cold brew is easy, but the key is time. These tips will help you achieve that smooth, ideal flavor you want.

  • Use cold, filtered water
  • Use coarse grounds
  • Allow 12-24 hours in refrigerator for complete flavor infusion
  • If time and labor are of the essence, there are great cold brew coffee extracts that can be used. For more information on sources, please contact us.

In addition, any of these tools can help you enjoy cold brew in the comfort of your home: a French Press, the Toddy Cold Brew System, or a Kegerator.

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