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Itaberco’s Research & Development lab specializes in offering dessert solutions. Our unique team–a mix of food scientists, technicians, and chefs–are passionate about leading your innovative concepts to fruition. Our customized solutions are based on years of involvement in the field and knowledge that we have gathered from across the globe. We don’t simply build products, we develop a familiarity with them in order to share the commitment to quality your customers merit. Our value is measured by you. We aim to develop a relationship that will continue to be rewarding for years to come.

Proprietary Development

At Itaberco, we develop unique and personalized products for your needs, exclusively for you. We are nimble on a small scale, so we can help you with your project, even at smaller volumes.

Custom Recipes & Packaging

We don’t stop at product creation. We also develop recipes and create flavor profiles that fit all of your needs.

Private Labeling

We value your success, which is why we offer private labeling so that you can maintain a strong branding presence.

Product Coordinating

If you have a pre-existing product in mind, we will work to make a new product that achieves the same quality and taste, using our ingredients or a different form.

Recipe Redesigning

We will work with you to remove or substitute ingredients in order to make the healthiest, purest product possible without sacrificing quality.

Organic Products

We have the capability to develop dessert solutions for you that are organic, clean label, and non-GMO upon request.

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