Boost In-Store Sales with Bakery Items

Pastries pair perfectly with coffee–and they could bring more in-store sales! Imagine entering a c-store and being greeted with the smell of fresh-basked banana bread pudding. As you’re ordering your coffee, you see the bread pudding in the display case and just can’t resist buying a piece! Offering simple baked goods (such as bread pudding) can easily bring great value added revenue to your convenience store.

 According to CSP, “The convenience industry has the ability to offer these products, so it’s really the operator’s commitment to offer a quality program to create more of a coffee experience, rather than a coffee destination alone.” How do you create a coffee experience with pastries? Here are few tips:

Focus on the Display Case

Make sure you have a prominent, well-stocked pastry display. Think about positioning the case next to your coffee counter or right by the register. Customers are likely to grab a pastry with their coffee order or while checking out.

Change Items Throughout the Day

Consider offering different products throughout the day. Muffins, danishes, and fritters are popular morning items, whereas cookies, bread pudding, cakes, and brownies draw more attention in the afternoon.

Consider Different Demographics

Another tip is to cater to multiple tastes, rather than focusing on just one. Consider offering traditional pastries alongside more nuanced items that cater to different demographics.

Don't Get Discouraged

Don’t be discouraged if sales don’t immediately go up with the addition of baked goods! It takes time to become a destination. With enough exposure, customers will start recognizing that your c-store is a great option for fresh pastry and bakery items.

What to Offer?

Adding pastry and bakery items to your c-store doesn’t have to be complicated! Itaberco offers a variety of ingredients for simple-to-execute baked goods. Our ingredients save time without forfeiting flavor or looks. They’re quick and reliable, which is key in a c-store! Consider using Itaberco’s Pronto Panna Cotta mix to make bread pudding, use our Baking Fillings to make thumbprint cookies and danishes, or use Itaberco’s Pronto Crème Brûlée mix to make a gluten-free coconut tea cake.